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Speakers - Sonus Faber: Sonus Faber Gravis III Subwoofer

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Strength and Design at the highest level.


Sonus faber is not new to the arena of subwoofer design and engineering. The first subwoofer project, the Gravis FB100, was launched back in 1986, ten years later was born Sonus faber Cremona M. Today, with the new Gravis Collection, Sonus faber returns to its roots, merging a ever increasing cutting-edge technology while maintaining its identity of natural sound and quality Italian hand-craftsmanship.


The Gravis III, V and VI subwoofers, the most powerful and high-end models of the active systems line, have been designed to be the perfect complement to all the loudspeakers collections that marked the history of Sonus faber. Aesthetically connected by the body enriched by a black leather covering, they differ from each other by the finishes of the hand-finished wooden top.


Gravis collection, the active subwoofers line dedicated to the reproduction of low frequency, is able to match all Sonus faber full-range loudspeakers collections. Gravis III naturally fits in with Olympica Nova collection, while Gravis V and VI represent the perfect choice to those who want to complete Homage Tradition and Reference collections.

The Gravis III, V and VI are the most powerful active subwoofers Sonus faber has ever designed
in order to optimize the dynamic impact and the sonic reproduction depth.


SYSTEM: Sealed box loading, single driver, active subwoofer

SPEAKERS: 1 x 250 mm (10”) long throw, sandwich honeycomb cone, wide rubber surround LF unit

AMPLIFICATION: High performance, Class AB. 600 W (nominal), 900 W (peak)

FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 25 Hz (@- 6dB, acoustic Linkwitz 4th order roll-on, default setting) to Fc (user continuously adjustable)

MAINS INPUT VOLTAGE: 100-120Vac – 50/60Hz or 220-240 Vac – 50/60 Hz. Factory selected

FUSE: T6.3A L250V (100-120 Vac – 50/60 Hz) T3.15A L250V (220-240 Vac – 50/60 Hz)

CONTROLS: Direct access Master volume; APP control featuring: 4 selectable presets, volume, continuously adjustable crossover frequency (40 to 150 Hz , filtering slope 24 dB/oct); continuously adjustable signal phase (0° to 360°); up to 8 parametric EQ filters, delay (1 to 20 ms); automatic room calibration; selectable threshold auto power on/off

AUDIO SIGNAL INPUTS: 2 x LINE (unbalanced), Left and Right/LFE - RCA plugs 1 x LINE (balanced) - XLR plug HIGH LEVEL - Neutrik 4-pole Speakon© plug

POWER CONSUMPTION: < 2 W (Stand-by) 700 W (rated power)

DIMENSIONS (HXWXD): 415 x 400 x 495 mm - 16.3 x 15.7 x 19.5 in

WEIGHT: 26.7 Kg - 58.8 lb

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