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Garden Speakers: Niles Planter Speaker

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For a perfect way to add music to indoor or outdoor areas with the neat and discreet planter speaker pot form Niles, for years this type of speaker was more gimmick then quality, but now Niles have upped the game with not only realistic looking planters but the sound quality is perfect for any environment


The PS6Si loudspeaker can be installed on a wood deck or on a concrete/stone patio. There
are three considerations for placing the loudspeaker; connecting each cabinet in one-speaker
stereo mode or two-speaker stereo mode, ease of running the cable to the loudspeaker and
coverage of the loudspeaker. Never chose a place where an automatic sprinkler will be aimed
on or near the loudspeaker. While the loudspeaker is weatherproof, continuous streaming
water will shorten the product’s life. The PS6Si loudspeaker will cover an area of a circle with
a 22-foot diameter.

In one-speaker stereo mode, each connection cable of the PS6Si loudspeaker is connected to
a separate amplifier channel and each loudspeaker cabinet plays in stereo. This configuration
gives you the benefit of covering a larger area than the two-speaker stereo mode. The loudspeakers
can be spaced 11 feet from the sides of the listening area and 22 feet from each
other. The row spacing between speakers should be less than 38 feet. These loudspeaker
spacing rules are the recommended maximums; placing speakers at a greater distance apart
will negatively affect sound coverage and produce spots within the listening area where the
sound quality will be poor.


  • Artistically crafted cabinet with shaped MicroPerfTM aluminum grilles look natural and realistic
  • 6.5” dual voice coil injection-molded TCC (talc, carbon, and ceramic) filled polypropylene woofer with butyl rubber surround
  • Dual 1” fluid-cooled tri-laminate Teteron tweeters mounted at a custom angle for optimum dispersion
  • Separate left and right channel inputs provide stereo sound in a single loudspeaker projecting quality stereo sound over a larger area than conventional loudspeakers
  • Weatherproof design ensures performance outdoors
  • Designed to accommodate live plants
  • Dual 3-foot burial-rated connection cables with waterproof wire-nuts to insure trouble free connection
  • Can be wired in one-speaker stereo-input mode or two-speaker stereo mode
  • Dimensions: 19 1/2" W X 19 1/2" H X 19 1/2" D

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