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Mirror/Waterproof TVs: AQUAVISION 16" Mirror TV

Product Options

Genesis is a digital and analogue TV receiver board able to receive both analogue [PAL/SECAM] and digital [DVBT/T2/C/S2] television signals. It also supports H.264 video decoding. Genesis2 is suitable for use throughout Europe [including the UK], Ireland, and Australia.

  • A purpose-built television designed for all rooms of the house
  • Fully waterproof to IP66 rating and comes complete with waterproof remote control
  • Works with FreeView and Sky and incorporates 3 x HDMI inputs
  • Analogue, Digital, Satellite and Cable aerial inputs
  • USB connection for playback and recording
  • Powered by “Low Voltage” power supply (24V DC)
  • Full High Definition Resolution (FHD - 1080p)

Selecting the most suitable Aquavision

Selecting the correct Aquavision model to suit each application is made simple by a few easy to follow combinations. The majority of requirements are met by the Aquavision Essential collection, just select the screen size and everything is included. For a more versatile or personalised system, clients are able to build their own combinations using our Extended Range.

Aquavision Essential

The first choice for stand alone television requirements, suitable for the majority of applications and understandably the best seller in the range. The popular Genesis operating system providing:

  • MirrorVision frameless glass
  • Unique 178° viewing angle
  • Anti-mist heated screen
  • Sky Link to Sky Box
  • Digital Freeview Tuner
  • 2 x HDMI Inputs
  • Scart connection
  • Full compatibility with home audio systems
  • Built in amplifier
  • 1080P Resolution

All provided in one box – simply specify a screen size (1080p): 12",16", 22", 27", 32" or 43"

Fixing Styles





Frameless: This simple, unobtrusive glass screen design will merge into any room decor and wall finish. Frameless is currently the most popular screen design from which the Essential collection is built.

Classic: The original, iconic Aquavision design. With a high quality, polished stainless steel bezel that gives a statement of pure luxury whilst framing the glass front. This option provides a fully flush in-wall appearance. For sizes up to 43" only.

Glass Finishes

Black Polar White MirrorVision®

Black & Polar White: Using Optically Clear glass for exceptional clarity & picture quality.

MirrorVision®: Turned off, the glass has a slightly tinted mirror finish. Turned on, the mirror gives way to the television screen.

MirrorVision+®: A perfect mirror with no visible signs of a screen when the television is off but allows the television image to be clearly seen when switched on.

Please note these TVs are special order so please do get in touch if you have any questions prior to ordering them.

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