CCTV, Intercom & Security

Everyone is becoming more aware these days that it is beneficial to have additional security on top of a home or office alarm, one of the best preventitives is CCTV, because you can see your home or office from anywhere in the world just by clicking onto an app.

We have almost invisible inceiling or dome cameras to full automotion PTZ cameras as options.

We have many options available these days to create a bespoke quote for you, whether you just want a basic external set up or even if you would like a slightly more complex set up with zoomable & night vision cameras with audio, we make this all achievable for you.

We also do full intercom set ups for gates & internally in your home, so if someone is at the top of your home, you can buzz them to let them know their cup of coffee is ready, it just makes life simpler so you do not need to shout up the stairs as well as giving you the benefits of being able to see your CCTV throught the same panel!...

Please get in touch to book an appointment for us to tailor a quote for you.